"Gui ve me" entered the top 10 of the songwriting contest.

04/10/2021, 08:26

BTO - The songwriting contest "Chien binh ao trang -White suit warrior" by Quoc Vo Productions INC, had a live stream on the program's fanpage, announcing the top 10 songs selected to the final round. The song "Gui ve me - To my mother", composed by musician Dinh Trung Ha continued to be voted by the jury. “Actually, I am very happy to know that this song is loved by many people. This is one of the songs I wrote about the Covid-19 pandemic, but it brings the best memory. Whether I get the top prize or not, it doesn't matter to me anymore. The happiness of a musician is when his brainchild is received and loved."

At the 41st minute of the press conference, when the song "To my mother" by musician Dinh Trung Ha was released, it received many compliments from the followers. "The top 10 songs all have their own unique features, easy to memorize, and heroic" - audience Truong Tuan Anh commented. Audience Phan Ngoc Thuy gave a compliment: "I really like this song, from the melody to the arrangement is very good". An account named Dinh Trung Nghia left a message: "Congratulations to Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan musician, you deserve to be in the top 10". The contest has started from July 20, 2021, to 5:00 p.m (California time) on August 30, 2021. The songwriting contest "Chien binh ao trang" received many songs from domestic and overseas musicians. The top prizes are 10,000 USD (1st prize), 5,000 USD (2nd prize), 3,000 USD (3rd prize) and 5 consolation prizes worth 1,000 USD.

The Organizing Committee also selected famous musicians and artists such as musician Le Quang, singer Thanh Lan, musician Trung Nghia, musician Quoc Vo - the founder of Quoc Vo Productions INC. Mr.Quoc Vo is also a child of Binh Thuan province, although he has settled and lived abroad, he has always supported to his homeland. “Music is like a soulmate to me, so I hope that through this contest, it will connect love and spread the spirit of fighting against the pandemic. The song "Gui ve me" by musician Dinh Trung Ha, not only shows that the musician always observes life with the pulse of the present but also promises to be a serious and professional musical playground.” – Quoc Vo shared. The songwriting contest "Chien binh ao trang" is one of the meaningful activities to show gratitude, honor, and motivate Vietnam and the world medical staff, doctors, and volunteers who are struggling against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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"Gui ve me" entered the top 10 of the songwriting contest.