Colorful Kate Festival of the Cham community in Binh Thuan

13/10/2023, 21:05

BTO-A traditional Festival of the Cham community in Binh Thuan province took place on October 13. Accordingly, the dignitaries and Cham Brahman compatriots from Ham Thuan Bac, Bac Binh, Tuy Phong, Ham Thuan Nam, Tanh Linh and Ham Tan districts flocked to the Po Sah Inu Tower relic (Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet city) for the Kate Festival.

In bustling atmosphere, Cham people in those districts divided into teams to participate in a variety of folk games, such as: the rice-pounding contest, the, the Saranai trumpet blowing contest, and decorating offerings on Thônla and Co Bong to offer to the Po Sah Inu goddess, etc.


At the same time, performances of traditional crafts of the Cham people, namely making gingerbread, shaping pottery, and weaving fabric - are still retraced. At the foot of the main tower, on the same afternoon, Cham Bani and Cham Brahmin religious dignitaries of Ham Thuan Bac district performed rituals to pray for peace.

The ceremony and festival took place harmoniously and cohesively, creating an solemn, joyful and healthy atmosphere.

It is known that the Kate Festival takes place at the beginning of the 7th month of the Cham calendar, and is an important part of the intangible cultural heritage treasure of the Cham people; reflects many aspects of culture, customs, beliefs, religion, and art related to the activities and economic, cultural and social life of the Cham people.


Reportedly, Kate Festival shows respect and gratitude for the efforts of the gods, grandparents, and ancestors who have created, protected, and protected children and grandchildren to have a healthy, peaceful, prosperous, and happy life; expressing the aspirations of the community to always pray for good weather and good harvests. At the same time, it strongly demonstrates the spirit of solidarity and harmony to bind members of the community together.

On the following day of October 14, the opening program will take place and the ceremony of taking the goddess Po Sah Inu's costume to the main tower will be performed.


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Colorful Kate Festival of the Cham community in Binh Thuan