Cham people’s pottery-making art officially inscribed in the list of UNESCO recognition
a year ago LAND AND PEOPLE
BTO - The art of pottery-making by Cham ethnic people was inscribed in the list of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding by UNESCO on November 29. Thus, this is the first-of-its-kind of Vietnamese traditional craft to be nominated and registered for safeguarding.
  • Anchovy paste and rasbora sauce of Cham people
    11 year ago CUISINE
    BTO - The community of the Cham people have got into the habit of using fish sauce in their meal, especially those who live in the central of Vietnam.
  • Brocade knitting village of Cham people
    11 year ago LANDSCAPES
    The brocade knitting industry of Cham people is located in Phan Hoa and Bac Binh district, about 80km away from Phan Thiet city to th north. According to the legend, Mother Polnu NaGar taught Cham girls know to knit to wear and respect...
  • Kate festival of Cham people
    11 year ago FESTIVALS
    Annually, on the first days of October (on the in Cham calendar), Cham’s Kate festival is held at PoSahInu tower. This is the most important traditional festival in order to memorize their ancestors and pray for favorable conditions,...
  • Ramuwan festival of Cham people
    11 year ago FESTIVALS
    Ramuwan festival is annually held in every three months and is counted down to the end of the year. This is a typical festival of Brahman Cham people. It is full of religious features and is also folk belief, which has been preserved...