Busy spectacle back to Ham Tien - Mui Ne tourist area on weekends

24/09/2020, 15:26

BTO - The new school year has begun, the summer has also ended at the same time with the 2nd outbreak of Covid-19 in Da Nang. Accommodation establishments in the province just started the summer tourism season, but they had to delay in pity when thousands of tourists cancel their tours for fear of the pandemic's spread. Along the arterial road of Nguyen Dinh Chieu - which is known as “the capital of resorts”, we found it quite dull on the last weekend days. The more bustling and vibrant the shops and restaurants along two sides of the road were on usual days before the outbreak, the more lonely and deserted they are at the present time.

Fairy Stream - Phan Thiet City.

Most of them have been shut down because there are no tourists to serve. Only a few grocery stores, a few eateries are open for guests. If the Covid-19 epidemic did not happen, the tourist area of Ham Tien - Mui Ne is currently preparing to welcome a large number of Russian and European visitors on the upcoming winter vacation. Previously, those days are the busiest period of the tourism sector, but they have to face unprofitable operations, staff reducing shifts, or even losing their jobs.

A resort staff specializing in providing rooms for European guests in Ham Tien shared: This resort mostly serves for European guests, just a few Russian and Vietnamese guests. However, in this difficult time, the owner also has a discount program to attract domestic and provincial customers. Such stimulus offered jobs for the resort employees unlike others”.

Recently, thanks to the program "Binh Thuan people travel in Binh Thuan" with many preferential programs and special discounts, the local tourism establishments start bounce back after a long time of " freezing".

Although it is only bustling on weekends, it is also a good sign for businesses, employees as well as the tourism industry in the province. This will be an opportunity for families in the province to have fun for late summer, just go on a weekend vacation at affordable prices, while stimulating demand for tourism in the province. Especially with the one-day tour packages, including lunch and convenient services, at only 200,000 - 500,000 VND per day, have so far attracted a variety of visitors in the province to visit and have fun. The excitement has dispelled the silence, melancholy of "resting paradise".

Tourism is still the most Covid-19-affected industry as employees are still being cut. However, there is hope that domestic and local tourists can be regarded as a salvation, mitigating jobless and fostering the businesses to revive sooner or later.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Busy spectacle back to Ham Tien - Mui Ne tourist area on weekends