Seminar and maneuver in response to nuclear radiation

13/07/2016, 08:51

BTO- Department of Science and Technology teamed up with Nuclear Research Institude to hold a seminar and maneuver in response to potential nuclear radiation on July 9. The event is part of project “Research on  setting up a plan to respond to incident and nuclear radiation in Binh Thuan”, which was approved by the provincial People’s Committee in December 31, 2014.

The event also attracted the participation of representative of the provincial Police, Military Headquarters, Border Guard Command, Department of Health, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Information and Communications, Department of Finance, Department of Justice, Department of Industry and Trade, the provincial Part Committee’s Commission for Education and Propaganda, People’s Commitees of districts/city/town, Fire Fighting & Prevention  police Department (directly under the Provincial Police), managing board of Binh Thuan’s industrial parks, mineral sand exploitation companies, hospitals…

The seminar reaffirmed the importance of action in response to incidents relating to nuclear radiation and collected delegates’ ideas about drafting  regulations on the organization and operation of a radiation response team, as well as the roles, responsibilities of participating units and individuals. After the seminar, a rehearsal in response to nuclear radiation leak took place basing on scenario No.1: Dealing with a radioactive source resulted from a lost non-destruction testing device, using radioactive source iridium-192. A temporary nuclear radiation response team was set up to conduct the drill.  Under the guidance of Nuclear Research Institute, the team carried out the detection of radiation source by gamma PX device handled the leak with safe measures.

Binh Thuan has  rich reserves of titanium. However, it also imposes  big challenges on ensuring radiation and nuclear safety, with the most important task is keeping safety for human health and living environment. So it is necessary for each department, organization to form a specialized unit setting up plans to respond to nuclear radiation.

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Seminar and maneuver in response to nuclear radiation