PM orders institutional reform to boost economic growth

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Prime Minster Nguyen Xuan Phuc has ordered ministries and sectors to accelerate institutional reform to promote economic growth on the basis of macro-economic stability.  

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the meeting (Source: VNA)

Speaking at the Government meeting for August in Hanoi, the PM also called for the proposal of new policies to create breakthroughs for socio-economic development and investment attraction, and to improve the nations’ competitiveness in the coming time. 

He requested ministries and sectors to pay special attention to reviewing policies and institutions so as to quickly make suitable changes meeting the country’s development requirement. 

PM Phuc underlined the need to encourage and attract hi-tech firms to create a driving force for the national growth. 

He also called on non-State corporations with large capital to quicken restructuring. 

Regarding the slow disbursement of public investment, PM Phuc asked ministries, sectors and localities to make the work faster, especially in land clearance. 

He directed the agricultural sector to make more efforts to foster export, and actively work to cope with natural disasters.

The PM asked for more measures to prevent trade fraud, towards minimizing losses to domestic production, especially for temporarily imported goods for re-export. 

Besides, the Ministry of Health was requested to pay heed to preventing seasonal diseases and improving the quality of health check and treatment, promoting public-private cooperation in the field and facilitating development of the private establishments.

The leader also asked the Ministry of Education and Training to do well with the launch of the new school year and prevent the collection of fees that cause discontent among the pupils’ parents.

Source: VNA

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PM orders institutional reform to boost economic growth