Movement launched to plant 1,000 green trees on Phu Quy island

10/05/2021, 14:16

BTO- Department of Culture-Sports and Tourism lately coordinated with People’s Committee of Phu Quy island district to hold the launching ceremony for tree-planting movement in response to PM’s calling for 1 billion of trees in 2021-2025 period .

As planned, about 1,000 native  trees will be grown on Phu Quy island. The trees, which are adaptable with soil and weather conditions  of the island, can develop quickly, block strong wind and keep the soil Mr. Le Quang Vinh- Secretary of Phu Quy district’ Party Committee cum Chairman of Phu Quy People’s Committee stressed that the tree-planting movement would help cover the island with green, maintain underground water sources, and ensure a clean-green-friendly environment for sustainable tourism development on the island.

Representative of Nam A Bank handong over a symbolized poster

of 1,000 trees to leaders of Phu Quy island)

According to Mr. Vo Thanh Huy-deputy director of department of Culture-Sports and Tourism, the tree-planting movement would be disseminated on Phu Quy island in particular and the whole province in general. The department will boost further mobilization to raise funds for the movement.

Phu Quy island has a total natural area of 17 km2,  but it has been facing risk of shrinking due to coastal erosion. Previously, the island was mostly covered by bare hills and a number of indigenous plants, such as: pandanus, screwpine, purging nut tree (Jatropha cuscas L), poon (Calophyllum inophyllum L)… that grew spontaneously. In the recent years, many forest development projects, which have been launched by local and central government, have helped boost forest coverage of Phu Quy to a total area of over 500 hectares, reaching 50% of the island.

Apart from tree-planting movement, youth and people on Phu Quy island also collected garbage and clean the environment.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)                          

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Movement launched to plant 1,000 green trees on Phu Quy island