Leader worked with domestic and international investors over renewable energy projects

11/08/2016, 08:38

BTO- Vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Luong Van Hai arranged a working session on August 9 with a delegation from Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd. Co., and Pacific Corporation over the investment of clean energy projects in Binh Thuan.

At the meeting, representatives of Mainstream company gave an overall information of its business capacity and potentialities in renewable energy development. As its first time to seek for investment chance in Binh Thuan, the company shared its hope that local authorities would create favorable conditions to its investment project. Besides a renewable energy project, Mainstream Company also intends to invest in some community-based activities, such as: health care, education, human resources development, and so on. The provincial People’s Committee has allowed Pacific Corporation to conduct surveys towards the implementation of a clean power project in the locality.

On behalf of the province’s leaders, Hai expressed his thankfulness to the Company for its investment project in Binh Thuan, citing that Binh Thuan would facilitate investors with eligibility and create the best conditions for the implementation and operation of investment projects. Mainstream Company, which is a privately-held renewable energy development company founded in 2008, specializes in clean energy supplies in many countries globally. The company is highly appreciated in delivering clean energy in  developed renewable power markets throught out Chile and Africa. Its head office is located in Dublin, Ireland, with additional offices located in 8 countries and territories with more than 140 experienced employees.

Phuong Lan (Source: binhthuan.gov.vn)

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Leader worked with domestic and international investors over renewable energy projects