La Gi town recognized as a three-tier urban area

02/01/2018, 11:41

BTO- La Gi Town in the South of  Binh Thuan province has become a three-tier urban area under the recognition made by Ministry of Construction in December 27.

With a total scores of 85.6/100, the town has surpassed the minimum score of 75 to be recognized as a tier-3 city in accordance with Resolution  No.1210 approved in 2016 by the National Assembly Standing Committee. It is reported that La Gi town has gained 5 major criteria. In which, the town has a comprehensive urban infrastructure system, number of people living in the inner  town reaches 70,000 people (out of more than 100,000 of the town’s total population), housing area increases 30% per year with a capita housing area reaching 22 m2.

La Gi town also has a large land area for public construction works that is enough for the upgradation of its hospital (to a 180-bed hospital), medical stations, vocational training centre, cultural centre, trade & service centre, as well the construction of traffic system. The town now has two water supply plants with a combined daily capacity of 20 million liters, ensuring stable water supply for residents of the town center; one waste treatment plant with a capacity of 120 tons/day. Sewerage system, public lighting system, information and communications works have been invested to basically meet the residents’ demand.

Moreover, La Gi has also achieved 54/59 small criteria and is trying utmost to finish the remaining 5 criteria of a 3-tired urban area towards a higher target of becoming a  city in the near future.

Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Than Online)

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La Gi town recognized as a three-tier urban area