Ham Thuan Bac district imposed social distancing from June 28th

28/06/2021, 09:24

BTO- The Covid-19 situation in Binh Thuan province is being complicated in Phan Thiet city, Tuy Phong district and the Ham Thuan Bac district as the locality detected one suspected Covid-19 case on June 27th morning.

To quickly respond and drastically and synchrounously deploy solutions to prevent and control the epidemic, Chairman of Ham Thuan Bac district’s People’s Committee issued urgent document on imposing social distancing to the whole district of Ham Thuan Bac district from mid-night of June 28th, 2021 under the Directive 15 of Prime Minister.

In the meantime, two hot spots in Ham Tri and Ham Thang communes where the Covid-19 patients stayed and visited have been placed on lockdown to prevent the outspread.

Under the Directive, the provincial People’s committee requested to halt all meetings, events, festivals, gathering over 20 people in a room, not gathering from over 10 people outside the workplaces, schools, and hospitals; Keeping a distance within each other at least 2 meters far at public places. Moreover, all religious rituals, activities of culture, sports, and entertainments at public areas and sports centers are temporarily closed down. It also asks to suspend the operation of non-essential business and service establishments in the 2 localities, including Bars, Karaoke, massage, Discos, Games, Spa, Gyms, Yoya studios, Cinema, Billiards, swimming pools, air-conditioned hairdressing salons, beauty salons, etc. In the meantime, food services facilities are only allowed to provide takeaway services.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Ham Thuan Bac district imposed social distancing from June 28th