Colorful Kate festival-2013

15/10/2013, 10:11

BTO – On the first day of the seventh month of Cham calendar, thousands of locals and tourists flocked to Po Sah Inu tower to share the joy of the Cham community amid the merry atmosphere of Kate festival 2013.

The festival began with costume procession of Po Sah Inu goddess. Thousands of onlookers had a chance to witness a charming and lissome dance of young Cham girls in harmony with resonant and melodious sound of Saranai trumpets and Paranung drums. Underneath Po Sah Inu tower, all rituals namely, opening tower’s gate, washing Linga Yoni’s altar, wishing all the best for their people … took place one after another in accordance with the Cham tradition.

This year, a greater number of recreational and exchanging activities were celebrated to mark Kate festival against the previous year.During the festival, many competitions and games, such as competitions of making ginger-shaped cake, displaying and decorating oblations, weaving brocade, making pottery, etc. were held. All the activities were closely linked together, to create a unique special traditional celebration of the Cham community.

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The highlight of this year’s festival is the competition participants itself. Not only the Cham people, but also the locals and visitors can take part in folk games, or performing Cham musical accessories, making age-old cakes of the Cham with full instruction of talented Cham artisans.

The annual organization of Kate festival does not only maintain and promote its cultural values but also contribute to disseminating and introducing the incredible cultural features of Binh Thuan province and Cham community to domestic and foreign visitors.

My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Colorful Kate festival-2013