2 tortoises released to the protective jungle in Ham Thuan Bac

19/03/2021, 10:04

BTO- 2 tortoises (belonged to the family of Testudinidae) have been released to the jungle in Song Quao, Ham Thuan Bac thanks to the Binh Thuan provincial Forestry Management Department.

Earlier on March 16th, the local residents handed over the 2 tortoises to the Forest management. The tortoises mostly live in the Southeast and the South of Asia. Its head has many horns, its turtle-shell is yellow and behind brassiere is deeply concave. Its leg is pillar-shaped and there is no pellicle surrounding its fingers.

Normally, a grown-up tortoise is nearly 30-cm-long and weighs 3.5kg. Such tortoise usually lays from 4-5 eggs every October or November. Due to few eggs, the proportion of species development is low.

In fact, Testudinidae tortoises are at risk of extinction due to a quantity decline in nature. Therefore, the protection and development of such tortoise is an indispensable task.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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2 tortoises released to the protective jungle in Ham Thuan Bac