Starting the largest potable water project in Ham Thuan Bac district

08/12/2016, 14:09

BTO - Ham Thuan Bac water plant project located in Ham Tri commune (Ham Thuan Bac district) was surveyed and invested by the Italian and Vietnamese government in 2006, with capacity of 10,000 cubic meters per day. This project treating raw water from Song Quao reservoir will meet demands of tens of thousands of households in 13 communes (Ham Thuan Bac district).

The Italian Embassy in Hanoi sent the diplomatic note renewing this project until 22nd May 2019. The contractor - NIBT joint venture have had a last survey at the project area (Ham Tri commune), consulted for design and construction. Director of Binh Thuan Water Sector Project Mai Chi said “Water plant project in Ham Thuan Bac belonging to project of Binh Thuan Water Sector will be built at the downstream of Song Quao reservoir, with an area of 7.2 hectares, capacity of 10,000 cubic metres per day. The length of water piping sytem is 176 kilometers (pipe diameter from 90 – 300 mm). After the water plant is completed, a part of those pipes will be connected  to the pipelines of the old water plant in Ham Thuan Bac  (capacity of 8,500 cubic meters per day), supply clean water for 100 percent of households in 13 communes (not including 4 upland communes: Da Mi, La Da, Dong Giang, Dong Tien) ... ".

Due to the project survey performed 10 years ago, land policy on compentation, clearance… have been changed. In addition, the situtation made different when highway 1A and 28 was upgraded and expanded. Therefore, the project  has been suveyed again to have suitable design, with total estimated investment of more than 220 billion VND. Thousands of Ham Thuan Bac households will enjoy drinking water after the completed project in 2019.  Le Van An – a famer in Thuan Hoa commune said “It is said that the Italian government invests the largest clean water project in Ham Thuan Bac district, people living in the lack of drinking  water for a long time are very excited. The existing plant capacity is too small to provide it for people (around 40 percent of household). The remaining households get water from river, lake, albumious wells, which affect their health. Ham Thuan Bac has  abundant raw water source, but it is lack of potable water. The new water plant will contribute to improving the quality of life for people in the arid region”.

Trang Minh (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Starting the largest potable water project in Ham Thuan Bac district