Ensuring essential commodities for Phu Quy island during monsoon season

16/10/2020, 10:56

BTO- While there are many unpredictable  extreme climate events occurring during the ongoing rainy season 2020, with strong wind,  heavy rains and flood  which can affect travel between the mainland and Phu Quy island district. Therefore, Binh Thuan authorities have planned to provide enough food stuffs and other necessary items as well as transport means for people on Phu Quy island. 

The provincial People’s Committee asked department of Industry and Trade, department of Transport and people’s committee of Phu Quy district to promptly promote concrete plans for ensuring sources of commodities and transportation of goods to prevent disruption of essential commodity supplies for households in Phu Quy.  

Accordingly, 5 groups of  food stuffs (rice, sugar, cooking oil, refined salt, instant noodles) have been stockpiled by Phu Quy district’s authorities. Especially, petroleum products have been stored in trading facilities, Phu Quy’s military command and on oil tankers. Supplies of medicine and medical equipment have been provided for Phu Quy military-civil hospital. Other essential products  are stockpiled by private business facilities and stores on Phu Quy in order to meet demand of islanders. In addition, people’s committee of Phu Quy district also encourages households to ensure their own reserves in case of food shortage.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Ensuring essential commodities for Phu Quy island during monsoon season